This camp kit is designed by campers for a campers.    



I wanted an easy way to make quick fires at the camp ground's fire pits.  For this kit, I just stack a few pieces of fire wood, put the fire starter under the the firewood.     Then, light the wick on the fire starter and sit and watch as the slow steady fire start the camp fire!    It's so easy.   I no longer have to sit and fan the sparks constantly to get the fire going.    

The kindlings (pine cones and pine needles) in each of these fire starter were all locally sourced in California.  


Please note that these fire starters are NOT candles.   Do not use them indoor, and only use them outdoor in designated fire pits when permitted.

SOAP SLICES (Scentless, safe for bear country)

Fragrance-free, completely biodegradable soap slices are so convenient for hand washing and even dish washing while you camp.  The packaging is in an aluminum twist top container that's light weight and recylcable.

The kit also comes with 4 biodegradable towelletes that expands when it comes into contact with water, and matches. Even the packaging is made of paper and can be burned at the camp fire.    So are the towelettes.

This is a great gift for someone who loves camping.  It really saves so much time!


Please note that this kit is hand made, and there are fluctuations in colors,  shapes and weight from batch to batch.


Phalate-free | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free  |  Vegan Not Tested on animals | Handmade in small batches

Camp Kit--Fire Starters + Camp Soap Slices--ECO-friendly