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Donut Soap
Barred from LA Owner Joanne PhD

Meet Joanne

BARRED FORM LA is a small business that makes homemade soap in small batches in Los Angeles. The soaps are inspired by my love of food, science, scents and beautiful things. Because I have a PhD in Bioengineering, I naturally like debunking unfounded claims and fads, and the beauty industry is pretty full of misrepresentations that may be exploitational. My mission is just to make products that are fun to look at, gentle on your skin, and I refuse to make tall claims.

Picking up a bar of soap is also nostalgic. It brings me back to the time when my family used barred soaps for showers and hand-washing, before the time of body wash and hand soap in bottles became somehow an irreplaceable norm in our society. We didn’t use to go through as much plastic back in the day, and I thought that by making barred soap I could help make a small change in the environmental impact.

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