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Small Batch

Handmade Soap

Handmade in Los Angeles

formulated and Handmade by a scientist

Scientific experiments with an analytical approach is not the main driving force of the current beauty industry, but it's what makes BARRED from LA a little different.  With my PhD  in Biomedical Engineering, I have the scientific knowledge to formulate soap bars to achieve specific desirable characteristics--resulting in soaps that are gentle, bubbly while preserving the moisture on your skin.   

Grunge Wood
Strawberry Waffle Soap Artisanal Soap
Malibu Beach Soap Handcrafted Cold Proess Soap

Each Bar is Unique

Made in small batches by hand, between 20 and 40 bars in a batch, each bar is unique. 


Great products, super awesome as a nice gift to my friend.

And they told me they LOVE it!


—  Steve C, Los Angeles



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