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These hand-pressed Rose Bath Bombs were inspired by mooncakes that I've been eating since I was a little kid.   Every Mid-Autumn festival, our families would get together at my grandma's roof top to celebrate the unity of families under the full moon on the 15th day of August in the Lunar calender.    We eat, we celebrate having overall good health, and the kids get to play with lanterns.


Mooncakes were traditionally round and handmade in wooden molds to represent the full moon.   Nowadays you can get them in so many different colors with different skins and fillings, so I thought it would be really fun to pay homage to my heritage by making a bath bomb in a mooncake shape.  




Average weight: 3.7 oz  | 105g

This is a listing for 1 bath bomb


Please note that all the bath bombs are hand made, and there are fluctuations in colors, shapes and weight.   Due to the intricate details of the mooncake shape, please understand that some of the details might be lost during packaging and shipping.


Use:   Draw a warm bath and fill the tub to the desired depth.    Drop a whole bath bomb in the water, and watch as the mooncake bath bomb gently fizzes and create beautiful bath art on the water surface, with a relaxing aroma.   I hope you enjoy your home-spa experience and get to unwind in this beautiful scent.



Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Cream of Tartar, SLS-A. Kaolin Clay, fragrance, Polysorbate 80, Isopropyl alcohol, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Batch-certified Red No. 40, Blue No. 1

Phalate-free | Paraben Free | Vegan

Not Tested on animals | Handmade in small batches

Rose Mooncake Bath Bomb

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